If your State Temporary license was issued with an effective date of January 1, 2018, it expires at the end of this month!  April 30th!

You heard that right.   Your state temp license will expire by April 30th,  if you don’t submit your Annual License application, stated the Bureau of Cannabis Control in a public announcement issued this afternoon.  If you want to extend your temporary license for another period of at least 90 days, you have to file your annual application before April 30th!

Please also beware if your Temp License was issued with an effective date anytime after Jan. 1, 2018.  If you do not file an Annual License application before your Temp License expires (90 days from effective date), you also will lose the right to operate pending filing and granting of your Annual License application.

For anyone in this boat and who has not yet started paddling upstream, you have absolutely no time to waste.  You must complete and file your Annual License application before your Temp License expires or you will be left without commercial access to the state market and barred from operating pending the State awarding you an Annual License (certain exceptions may apply.)

The Annual License application is the full meal ticket, nothing like the skinny temp license meal deal.  For one, you must pay the state’s Application Fee, unlike the Temp License which was free of charge.  Second, and more significantly, you must provide mountains of information related to your operation, business, practices, compliance with all other local and state agencies, live scan, contingency plans, security plans, site plans, employee plans, insurance, bonding and so on.

Much of the information sought on the Annual License application may have already been obtained or created during your local permit process.  But all remaining information must be created, collected and submitted by April 30th.

If you have a State Temp License with an effective start date of Jan.1, 2018, and have questions regarding the Annual License application process, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.   If you need help, please contact us. We can answer your questions and evaluate and implement your best options.